My hope for the future is what I will see, be, and hug people who I love. I can see them smile and smiling to answer. I hope I will be stronger than I feel now. I believe that the Peace, the love and the merry come true! I hope I find my way in the new world for me and I can be successful and happy in my life.

I’m the art who drew my life and changes colour and plot with changes in the world around me. I rinse old and bad information in life and build new!

My dream is to be stronger and give to the world my talent to show myself to the world and be happy and successful. I want to be a good example to people!

I was strong yesterday when I met with my Ukrainian friends here who support me and are now near me.

One week ago I am feeling weak, I didn’t see my friends for a few days, I couldn’t hug them and I haven’t the power to go in future.

I learn about myself and that I can do more than I think. I understand that when I am scared I feel weak.

When I know what I want and ask about it to God, I get it! And I am surprised by how easy it can be. My dreams will come true, if I ask about them and believe that they will happen.

I would like to tell myself 1 year ago, that I should know, if I will live in love I will have more surprises in life. And all can be possible. All causes in our life it is only cause and just our choice of what we will select to love or hate. I would tell to myself 1 year ago: "Believe in the better!”

                                                      I love life and world! 

Changing is life,

And life changes,

We grow up every day,

And you hear opinion your mind:

You are stronger than you think!