I want to warn you. You will have a difficult times soon.

You will see the world’s biggest evil, blood, deaths, ruins, panic, grief, cries, war…

At the same time, you will see the support, understanding, belief and hope.

Ukrainian people will have one dream for everybody – to win the war and defend our Motherland.

You will often cry with tears of pain, but you will also cry with tears of pride for Ukrainian people.

You will call your relatives and friends with the simple questions: “Are you safe? Are you alive?” And you will learn how to be happy just being alive without luxury, posh life, but having the minimum.

You will take care of Ukrainian traditions, history, glory much more than before.

You will say “thank you” more often.

You will be proud of Ukrainian dishes. You will hug more, cry more, and think more.

You will suffer with every mum and wife who has lost their men, husbands, kids, dads, in this cruel war.

You will feel weak and empty. You can’t stop the war. You will cry with those who lost their homes. You will understand how rewarding it is to give and to help.

It’s strange, but you will find the power to smile. You will see how impenetrable you can be, how patriotic you can be.

You will enjoy simple things. I want you to appreciate your life, to be grateful that you are alive and that your family is with you.

Whatever life brings

You will always have your dreams

Even at the moment, you are weak

You are stronger than you think.