Laura Kyrke-Smith, Executive Director of IRC UK said,

"The commitment in today's Autumn Statement to continue to play a leadership role in tackling global poverty is welcome. However, delaying the return to spending 0.7% of GNI on aid risks further damaging Britain’s reputation, casting doubt on Britain’s role as a compassionate and reliable global power. It also leaves people facing violence, extreme weather events and hunger in places like Somalia and Afghanistan with less support, whilst also reducing Britain’s ability to address conflict, the climate crisis and other drivers of their growing humanitarian needs.

To ensure the remaining aid budget is spent on delivering as much impact as possible, both for the British taxpayer and the world’s poorest, we urge the Government to commit to spending 50% of UK Aid on reaching those living in fragile and conflict-affected countries where needs are greatest, especially for women and girls, and the consequences of inaction are most dangerous.

As the Chancellor said, 'our security at home depends on security overseas.'"