Laura Kyrke-Smith, IRC UK Executive Director, said:

"Today’s announcement that the UK will redirect £22.8 million towards the hunger crisis in Somalia is a welcome step that will provide much needed relief for Somalis.

However, the lack of new funding highlights the challenges for the UK to respond to new crises without reducing spend elsewhere. As needs in conflict and crises increase, it will be vital to ensure that the Government returns to 0.7% ODA spend in order to meet the need and scale of the challenges ahead and ensure its reputation as a global leader.

This week, the International Rescue Committee launched a new briefing paper outlining how to address the hunger crisis affecting not just Somalia but many parts of the world. This redirected funding for Somalia doesn’t remove the need for new funding from international donors, targeted at frontline NGOs who can make the biggest difference quickly. The IRC also calls for reform of UN structures responsible for famine prevention. We urge the UK to act on our recommendations and save lives.”