“We condemn the veto by Russia today on the Syria cross-border resolution. This resolution is a critical lifeline for millions of Syrians - especially as humanitarian needs reach record levels, and the worst hunger crisis experienced since the conflict began threatens the lives of millions. It defies reason and principle, that Security Council members would vote to not maintain and expand all avenues of aid access for vulnerable Syrians.

There is currently no viable alternative to cross-border assistance to meet the growing needs across Syria. Without sufficient alternatives, this already extreme crisis is set to move to a humanitarian catastrophe. 

Council Members should be guided by humanitarian imperatives rather than politics, and ensure Syrians in need, wherever they are, can be reached through the most direct routes. After so many years of failure for the Syrian people, we call on the Security Council to urgently reconvene to authorize access through Bab Al-Hawa for a further 12 months.”