4-year-old Nasrin is daughter of IRC UK RISE client Maasom. Nasrin and her dad on the morning of her first day of school.

Nasrin was born with a serious heart condition to Kurdish-Syrian Refugees living in Iraq and underwent two rounds of specialist open heart surgery at Southampton hospital. Photo: Elena Heatherwick

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Bako Rose, a Ugandan teacher gets her first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at Bangatuti Health Center III in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement. Photo: Esther Mbabazi

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IRC hygiene promotor Sohalia Khaliqi provides training and critical information about COVID-19 to women, men and children in Herat province, Afghanistan. Photo: IRC

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The IRC is supporting refugees within the Tigray region in Ethiopia with clean water and sanitation, protection, reproductive healthcare and education. Photo: Martha Tadesse

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The IRC provides refugees in Greece—whether they are on the move, in camps, or living in urban settings—with up-to-date information about available services, legal rights, and options for asylum, relocation and family reunification. One way we do this is through Refugee.Info, a mobile-friendly website available in Arabic, Farsi, French and English. Photo: Euan Robinson

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The IRC helps communities respond to the changing climate by mapping climate hazards and developing early warning systems, supporting local efforts to manage natural resources and conserve water, and training people in sustainable livelihoods. Throughout all this work, we put the needs of women and girls at the center of our programs. Photo: Adrienne Surprenant

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