Ahlan Simsim, created by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Sesame Workshop, is an early childhood development program that gives millions of refugee and displaced children and their families in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq the support they need to cope with crises and build a brighter future. The program has adapted to COVID-19 by providing caregivers with learning activities for their children via WhatsApp.

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Video Transcript

Tripoli, Lebanon

"We stay home every day and watch Simsim [Ahlan Simsim, the show] and we can't go outside because of Corona."

Ahlan Simsim, created by the IRC and Sesame Workshop, is an early childhood development program.

It continues to provide learning activities for Syrian refugee children in the Middle East.

"Roaa, what do we mean by 'caring'?"

"It means my father and mother love me."

To adapt to COVID-19, IRC facilitators now reach caregivers via WhatsApp with activities for children at home.

The activities focus on language skills, hygiene, social-emotional learning and physical movement.

"An animal that gives us milk?"


"An animal who swims and says, 'wak wak'?"


In times of crisis, education is a lifeline, giving refugee children the skills they need to heal and thrive.

We are working to ensure our programs continue safely.