Healing Classrooms conferences are for schools joined by local support services to learn more about how to make schools safe and nurturing spaces for children and youth who have fled conflict and disaster. These free, in-person training opportunities are made bespoke for local areas, organised in partnership with schools, local authorities, community groups or other organisations. 

What the courses will cover

Each workshop, during the conference, will include a selection of case studies, awareness raising, discussions and good practice-sharing between local practitioners and IRC staff. We aim to help facilitate connections between schools and local community organisations in order to help refugee and asylum-seeking students in your area reach their full potential.  

If you have joined the Healing Classrooms Basics Training online, this could be a great next step to build local area-wide strategies to support children and young people who are seeking sanctuary in the UK.  

IRC runs the training sessions for free but expects organising partners to find and fund a suitable venue, catering and refreshments, IRC staff travel and accommodation if needed, and any handbooks required above the first 25 which we provide for free.  

To express your interest in planning a conference in collaboration with IRC, email us at [email protected].


Enjoyed the whole day, learnt so much. Felt it was the best conference I've ever attended. Trainers were very knowledgeable and personable. Well done.

I thought that the training was fantastic and will definitely be advising all of the organisations I work with to consult the website and undertake the training if possible.

The opportunities for networking and practical applications of activities were fantastic.