The Healing Classrooms programme aims to support schools and educators to develop inclusive and nurturing learning spaces where refugee and asylum-seeking students can gain the necessary academic, social and emotional skills to develop their full potential.

We offer free training sessions and resources to educators and schools supporting refugee and asylum-seeking students in the UK.

The Impact of Crisis on Children

Crisis and conflict have direct and profound effects on children’s physical safety, well-being and ability to learn. Neuroscience has shown that children who experience the types of adversity common in crisis settings can have a physiological “toxic stress” response that inhibits their brain development, impacting their physical and mental health, cognition, behaviour and relationships. But this can be reversed. Children are remarkably resilient. When provided with the right support, such as safe, quality educational opportunities, the negative effects of hardship and stress are mitigated and children can heal, grow, learn and thrive.

What are Healing Classrooms?

The IRC’s Healing Classrooms approach—built on 40 years of education in emergencies experience and a decade of research and field testing—offers children a safe and predictable place to learn and cope with the consequences of conflict and displacement.  

All of our training series are based on the Healing Classrooms principles and provide practical guidance and resources on how to apply them to the everyday school context. 

The Healing Classrooms programme was launched in the UK in May 2022. 

How Can I Support Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Students in my School?

Our educator training sessions focus on how to provide safe and supportive learning environments for refugees and asylum-seeking children alongside practical advice and resources on areas such as trauma-informed pedagogy, social-emotional learning (SEL), English as an Additional Language (EAL), and mindfulness.   

The IRC also provides access to an online resource bank for teaching and teacher development. In there, you can find comprehensive country briefings to assist schools to develop a greater understanding of the culture and the education system of students arriving from Ukraine and Afghanistan. 

Our Impact


Educators have completed our Healing Classrooms sessions since May 2022

We currently offer Healing Classrooms Basics Training, Healing Classrooms CPD course and Healing Classrooms Champions.


Schools and organisations reached across England.

We have delivered our training to schools, community organisations, and local councils all over the country.


Refugee students have been indirectly supported by the Healing Classrooms programme.

By training educators, we’re helping to ensure refugee students can learn and thrive in safe and healing learning spaces.

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