BEFORE: Many homes in the seaside village of Agdaliran were damaged or destroyed by the storm. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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AFTER: The IRC provided families with vouchers and cash grants to purchase supplies and equipment to rebuild homes. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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BEFORE: Once a thriving community on the island of Panay, Agdaliran was flattened by wind gusts topping 235 miles per hour. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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AFTER: This is Agdaliran now, a year after the storm. Where rubble once littered the ground, a community has come back to life. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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BEFORE: A boat rests where Marilyn Belga’s house once stood on the coast of Panay in the Visayas region. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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AFTER: She and her husband rebuilt further from the water, using vouchers and funds from the IRC. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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BEFORE: A year after the storm, Erlima Azuelo's ruined house remains filled with debris. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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AFTER: Azuelo used IRC vouchers to purchase lumber, wood, nails, cement for the foundation and sheeting for the roof. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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BEFORE: On the left, two of the four walls in Elsa Azuelo’s old home collapsed during Haiyan. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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AFTER: She now lives with her two sons and two grandchildren in a new home erected with vouchers provided by the IRC. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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