For 10 years Ali and Sahar, both from Iran, have been married. And despite being together for a decade, Ali tells us that every day their love grows. Now living in Serbia, they say that their marriage has stood the test of time because they’ve always remained totally honest with each other. “We support one another,” they agree.

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The ‘A’ in Paind’s tattoo is for his wife’s name. Paind was separated from her at the border when trying to flee Afghanistan. She now lives in Germany with his two children, whilst he lives in Athens and waits to be reunited with her. “I miss them a lot,” he tells us. “My wife is brave and she’s lovely and she loves me a lot.”

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When Abdulkadir lost his job, Mwajuma stood by him. “People ask me why I’ve stayed with him now he can’t work – I always say, it is because we love each other,” Mwajuma tells us. They had to flee Somalia when violence broke out and found safety in Kenya. With thirty years of marriage under his belt, people in the town now come to Abdulkadir for relationship advice. Their secret? Never going to bed angry with each other. “He’s an expert in peace,” Mwajuma says.

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