This is the first time that IRC UK is publishing its ethnicity pay gap voluntarily for the snapshot date of 24 August 2021. 76% of staff have shared their ethnicity and based on this population, IRC UK reports an over-representation of BAME staff when compared to the England and Wales 2011 census figures. Like ONS UK Ethnicity Pay gap reporting, IRC UK reports a negative mean and median pay gaps meaning BAME staff, on average, earn a lower hourly pay than White staff. IRC UK is confident that its ethnicity pay gap does not stem from paying each ethnic group differently for the same or equivalent work. Rather its ethnic pay gap is the result of what roles are on offer and the salary grade that they are allocated and so the salaries that these roles attracts and who fills the roles. IRC UK is committed to addressing any pay inequality that may exist between different ethnic groups, to transparency and to enable our staff to contribute to dialogue around ethnic equality in the workplace.