If the Generation Equality Forum is to deliver on its promise for game-changing results for all women and girls and support the Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) promise to Leave No One Behind, the Forum as a whole, and the Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition specifically, must include dedicated commitments for displaced women and girls, including refugees, IDPs and others affected by conflict and crisis who are at risk of exclusion.

The Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition members should:

  • Sign on to the Women Peace and Security and Humanitarian Aid Compact and seek meaningful links and synergies between Compact and Action Coalition Commitments.
  • Ensure commitments include actions for women affected by conflict, crisis and displacement in each of the four areas for action identified in the Global Acceleration Plan, including dedicated and costed funding opportunities.
  • Ensure commitments align not only with the SDGs but also with the key objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and Grand Bargain.
  • Support financial inclusion and economic self-reliance for women affected by conflict and displacement through transformative interventions, addressing the root causes of gender disparities and ensuring displaced women’s right to work, safety and agency.
  • Enhance accountability for crisis-affected women by disaggregating indicators and improving data collection to show progress for refugee women compared to nationals.