The success of the Global Goals depend upon ensuring meaningful progress for everyone. Yet, refugees are already being left behind. The majority of refugee hosting countries are fragile and conflict affected states and research shows that up to four in five are off track to meet the SDGs. Because refugees are not counted in national surveys or included in SDG progress reports, they are neglected in the global pursuit of the goals.

By taking urgent action now, we can ensure that no one is left behind. Business has a key role to play in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs for refugees. In countries affected by crisis businesses can create economic opportunities and bring knowledge, resources, funding, capacity and infrastructure. When numbers of refugees increase in stable contexts, businesses can contribute to their economic inclusion by providing employment and training opportunities.

The Business Refugee Action Network (BRAN) statement on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for governments to:

  1. align with the Global Compact on Refugees;
  2. measure refugee progress towards the SDGs;
  3. create and support a policy environment open to refugee employment and economic inclusion.