Over four hundred throusand people in Ethiopia are at immediate risk of starvation or death

  • Ethiopia and the East Africa region are facing their longest-running drought in 40 years.
  • New conflict has emerged across Ethiopia since 2020, overlapping with some areas hit by drought.
  • Funding shortfalls have forced reductions in food rations for refugees in Ethiopia, leaving them with only 50% of the rations they need.
  • Prices of the life-sustaining food needed to meet nutritional requirements have risen by 66% in Ethiopia.
What the world can do to help

Country facts

  • Total population: 115 million
  • Refugees: Nearly 792,000
  • People internally displaced: 1.8 million
  • Rank in Human Development Index: 173 of 188

IRC response

  • Started work in Ethiopia: 2000