Ahead of the Bonn Climate Change Conference, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is releasing a report focused on addressing the needs of conflict-affected, climate-vulnerable communities through targeted climate finance.  

Sixteen countries are caught in the intersection of climate vulnerability and armed conflict, representing a staggering 44% of people impacted by natural disasters and 79% of those in humanitarian need. Despite this, these communities receive disproportionately low climate finance, exacerbating their vulnerability. The report analyzes the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations and how the new global climate finance target can better support these communities. 

Key findings from the report are: 

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on climate finance presents an opportunity to correct these injustices. By setting ambitious targets and adopting inclusive, flexible financing approaches, the international community can support the most vulnerable populations in adapting to climate change. 

Recommendations for the New Collective Quantified Goal are: 

The IRC urges all parties at the Bonn Climate Conference to recognize the unique challenges faced by conflict-affected countries and to commit to inclusive, sustainable solutions that address both immediate and long-term needs.