The International Rescue Committee (IRC) welcomes the demands for immediate, safe and unhindered humanitarian access through all available routes to Palestinians throughout Gaza, for International Humanitarian Law to be upheld and for the unconditional release of hostages contained in UNSC Resolution 2720. These are prerequisites for relief of the humanitarian suffering.
However, with more than 20,000 Palestinians killed and latest food insecurity numbers showing unprecedented threat of starvation in Gaza, much more is clearly needed.  The foundation of UNSC action should be the UN Charter and international law. The conflict is a clear threat to regional peace and security, and civilian rights under international law are being woefully disregarded.
We reiterate that the only way fully to protect Palestinian lives, enable a sufficient humanitarian response, and offer the best chance of hostage release, is to stop to the fighting. From a humanitarian point of view, the failure of the UNSC to demand an immediate and sustained ceasefire is unjustifiable.