The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is scaling up its humanitarian response as several cities in Ukraine, where the IRC operates, have come under heavy shelling. We strongly condemn the attacks that not only result in massive loss of life and senseless civilian suffering, but also exacerbate the already dire needs in the region.  

As temperatures continue to drop, the ability to deliver aid amid constant shelling is severely impeded. According to OCHA, nearly 70 civilians have reportedly been killed, and at least 360 injured due to airstrikes across the country since December 29. Countless people in Ukraine today do not have access to water and electricity, as official data indicates that damages to energy infrastructure have left over 440 towns and villages without power supplies. 

Julie Hefner, Deputy Director of Programs in Ukraine, said: 

“For the past six days, people in Ukraine have barely been getting any sleep amidst the massive barrages of missile strikes. We are working to promptly respond in the most severely affected locations, despite ongoing air alerts and the constant threat of shelling. Our teams based in Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro have already disbursed financial assistance to 120 households, and provided psychological and legal aid to those affected. The teams will continue to provide responsive support to communities affected by the attacks. 

 “The deliberate destruction of key infrastructure, critical to the well-being of the civilian population, particularly during harsh winter conditions, is a gross violation of human rights and goes against the principles of humanity.” 

The IRC is scaling up financial assistance to support people suffering from intensified waves of shelling and running psychosocial and legal support activities across the region. 

Ukraine – situation snapshot as of 29 December: