Ciaran Donnelly, IRC Senior Vice President for Crisis Response, Recovery and Development said, 

"In the wake of the devastating flooding caused by Storm Daniel in Libya, we extend our deepest sympathies to the affected communities, especially in Derna, where the devastation is most severe. With at least 10,000 people feared missing and over 2,000 lives tragically lost, we face an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The collapse of two dams have exacerbated the crisis, causing catastrophic damage to whole neighborhoods.

“The IRC is conducting a joint needs assessment alongside other NGOs and we will be scaling up our services to support those affected by the floods. In Derna alone, 6,000 people are feared to be missing, leaving over 20,000 displaced and without homes or basic necessities. The challenges are immense, with phone lines down and heavy destruction hampering rescue efforts.

“This tragedy underscores the urgent need for international attention and assistance as well as for climate action. The situation in Libya has been steadily deteriorating due to years of conflict and instability, compounded by the impacts of climate change. Globally, climate change has made these extreme weather events more frequent and intense, making it even harder for communities to cope and rebuild, especially in conflict-affected regions.

“We must remember that Libya is not just a country in crisis; it is also a gateway for people on the move to Europe. The IRC has been working tirelessly since 2016 to provide essential healthcare and protection to vulnerable Libyans, refugees, and migrants affected by this protracted crisis."