Following the release of the IRC’s Emergency Watchlist 2024 in December last year, a list of 20 countries most at risk of humanitarian deterioration where Sudan was ranked number 1, the IRC has produced a mid-year Sudan Crisis Alert Report to show the trajectory of the world’s worst displacement crisis, as an update to the Watchlist report. Sudan is on the brink of becoming the world’s worst hunger crisis as well, with more than half the population – nearly 25 million people – in need of humanitarian aid. 

Leaders on both sides believe that continued conflict is in their interests, while drawing in more external groups. The war is increasingly playing out along ethnic lines, particularly in Darfur. Famine is looming, yet may never be declared due to restrictions on humanitarian action. Around 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes, humanitarian workers are being targeted, and the restrictions on aid delivery are endless.

The spill over effect this is having on neighboring countries, such as Chad and South Sudan, is tremendous. The IRC's Sudan Watchlist Crisis Report focuses on recommended policy solutions to safeguard and scale an effective humanitarian response while encouraging diplomatic action. Over a year of relentless warfare and indiscriminate violence has destroyed homes, towns, livelihoods and critical civilian infrastructure.