Location: Your community and off-site at an apartment in the DC Metro area (exact location disclosed to volunteers).*

Time Commitment: This opportunity requires a minimum commitment of preparing one new apartment in full for a refugee family.

Responsibilities: This initiative provides individuals, community leaders, churches, and/or other groups with the opportunity to completely prepare an apartment prior to the arrival of a new refugee family. Volunteers take ownership over (1) collecting and storing essential household furniture, goods, and food (2) transporting these items to the apartment (3) unpacking and creating a welcoming home. IRC staff will be available to answer any questions along the way and guide you by providing standards on the required furniture, goods, food, and extra items that can help create a warmer home.

Skills & Qualifications: Volunteers must have the initiative and capacity to manage and complete the project. Volunteers must be culturally sensitive, respectful of diverse backgrounds, and able to handle client information confidentially.

How to Apply: 

All volunteers must first attend a Volunteer Orientation. After completing orientation, volunteers will fill out an online form to get started. Sign up here for Volunteer Orientation