About the Role: an individual or group commits to collecting, storing, delivering and setting up all household items needed for a household of five. Download our flyer for the full list of items. 

Skills & Qualifications: volunteers do not need to have specific experience, but must be flexible, and willing to learn and agree to the terms of the project. Most volunteers in a group must also be able and willing to carry up to 30 pounds.

Location: apartment locations are primarily in Baltimore city or county. Exact location will be disclosed to set-up day volunteers. 

Time Commitment: this project can be a one-time or recurring volunteer opportunity. We are especially in need of groups who can commit to multiple set-ups per year. The time needed to collect items on the list will range for each WHP group. For example, some groups may collect items over a number of weeks. Others will choose to purchase items on one day. Setting up an apartment typically takes up to 4 hours depending on the size of the apartment and volunteer group. Most set-ups take place during weekday daytime hours. 

Read more about getting involved with the Welcome Home Project: Temple Solel Action Committee   

Next Steps:

  1. Training and Application: Attend an information session webinar to learn more: RSVP here. After the info session, you will receive a link to sign up for a special Welcome Home Project training session (typically held the second Friday of each month). At least one member of your WHP group must attend both an IRC information session webinar and WHP training, and submit a volunteer application.
  2. Confirm and begin collecting! Organize your group. IRC asks each group to have one person to be the point of contact with our housing and logistics team. Your group leader contacts the established IRC point person to confirm your participation and once all items are collected. IRC does not store collected WHPs, so groups must be prepared to store items until set-up. Download our flyer for the full list of items.
  3. Household assignment: The IRC housing and logistics team will contact your team with a specific set-up assignment date and household size, ages, genders and country of origin, so that the WHP items can be tailored specifically to the household. The length of time between finished collection and assignment can range from weeks to months depending on the current need and available volunteers. 
  4. Set-up day! Your team transports items to the apartment on the scheduled day. Note that group sizes are limited due to COVID-19 safety protocol. All members sign a confidentiality agreement on set-up day to protect the safety and privacy of our clients. The set-up occurs in an empty apartment, before household members have arrived.
  5. Follow-up: IRC will provide a brief follow-up about one month after the set-up.