Our Reception and Placement (RP) team provides resettlement services to refugees placed with the IRC under the US Refugee Admissions Program. Securing short and long-term housing is just one of the ways our RP team helps support our new arrivals.

Welcome Home Volunteers help our Reception and Placement Team to ensure our new arrivals' homes are welcoming. We rely on volunteers to help us source or purchase in-kind donations to achieve this. 


What are in-kind donations?

In-kind donations are non-monetary donations such as home goods, clothing, furniture, school supplies, and technological devices (cell phones, laptops, or tablets - basic models).

Both individuals and groups are encouraged to apply!



  1. Source and collect in-kind donations from family, friends, or your local community. Donations can be new or used. 
  2. Organize welcome kits and drop off the kits at our office in Glendale. You can use our WHV Item checklist. OR
  3. Schedule to attend one of our quarterly 'Welcome Kits Assembling' events. YOU CAN ALSO
  4. Schedule to attend and volunteer for one of our seasonal events - Baby shower, Back-to-School, or holiday. OR
  5. Choose to become a sponsor of one of our community gatherings or workshops by contributing a monetary*** or in-kind donation - Pumpkin Patch Outing for Afghan Women & GirlsChai and Chat Workshop for Afghan women***For monetary, please add which event you wish to donate to. 


Time Commitment: This volunteer opportunity can be a one-time or recurring commitment. The time needed to collect items can vary per WHV or group. For example, some may collect items over several weeks, while others might choose to purchase items in one day.


Next Steps:

Training and Application: Attend a Welcome Home Information Session. For groups: please note that at least one member of your WHV group must attend the Information Session and submit a volunteer application.


Confirm and begin collecting! Organize yourself or your group. IRC asks each group to have one person to be the point of contact with our team. Your group leader contacts the established IRC point person to confirm your participation once all items are collected. IRC does not store items, so groups must be prepared to store items until notified by IRC for delivery.


Drop-off day! Your team delivers the items to our office in Glendale. OR 

Schedule to attend one of our quarterly 'Welcome Kits Assembling' events.



  • All other volunteers will need to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Don't hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Do you wish to learn more about this volunteer position and other opportunities? Click here to sign up to attend one of our Informational Sessions!