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Afghan refugee gets dream job in Dallas

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In March of 2016, a young man and his family arrived in Dallas, Texas from Afghanistan. This month, he landed his dream job as a welder.

Abdul in the IRC in Dallas lobby ready to start work as a welder.
Abdul in the IRC in Dallas lobby ready to start work as a welder. Photo: Madeleine Chaisson/The IRC

Abdul and his family escaped persecution in Afghanistan, applied for resettlement in the United States, and were resettled by the IRC in Dallas. Abdul had many years of welding experience when he came to the US and expressed that he would love to continue welding. He said he just needed to learn to weld “the American way.”

Abdul progressed quickly through his first job at a hotel. He started as a dish washer and quickly earned his way up to a food preparation position. However, he never lost sight of his dream to weld in the US.

With the help of the IRC in Dallas, Abdul signed up for classes at the Bill J. Priest Institute. This program allowed him to take both English and welding classes. After a year attending classes, he received his certificate of completion and began job hunting. As soon as a position opened up with the hours he needed and a reasonable commute, he applied. June 17th, he had his first day on the job.

Abdul loves his new position and says he is learning quickly. He is able to provide for his wife and two daughters and is thankful to be welding again, "this time, in America!”