IRC in NY’s Adult Education Coordinator, Alexandria has been working at the IRC in NY for three years, teaching English classes, facilitating resume-building workshops, conducting cultural orientation, and even facilitating a women’s self-defense workshop.

During the Afghan Women and Girls Group, she was the co-facilitator for the Afghan Women and Girls program and the full-time ESL instructor. There she applied her personal and professional experiences to lead an impactful program.  

The IRC in NY Education & Learning team and clients are happy to have Alexandria as the Adult Education Coordinator! Alexandria, who also worked with the IRC during the beginning of the evacuees arriving in New York because of the Afghanistan crisis assisting Afghan evacuees, shares...

“I am half Afghan and my previous manager knew about my research in graduate school about advocacy for women’s rights and trends in violence against women in Turkey. I also have a side business as a women empowerment coach which prepared me for this program.”

This experience prepared her to facilitate the Tier 1 Culture Orientation and Tier 2 ESL courses for adults in the Afghan Women and Girls program. The Afghan Women and Girls program focused on helping women with self-sufficiency, navigating NYC, and building community and trust through group conversations. Alexandria shares how she enjoyed the group’s conversation about National Women's Day which was marked with excitement and passion. The women shared their experiences back home and how they felt about being judged for certain things and norms in Afghan culture.  

Learn more about the Afghan Women and Girls program here.  

Alexandria shares: “Women in the group mentioned how it has been difficult to adapt to the United States, and they are going through culture shock. Still, they also felt motivated and excited about having more opportunities. Together, we also talked about helping and supporting each other as women to achieve our goals. At least 5 women are still in communication with me and want to continue in our English classes.” 

Alexandria’s contribution to the Afghan Women and Girls program was instrumental to its success. In her role as Adult Education Coordinator, Alexandria and the ESL Instructors Saif and Elaine continue to support both beginner and intermediate English learners on their journey. The IRC in NY Education & Learning team is thankful for Alexandria's expertise in supporting and empowering clients’ learning goals.