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Anti- Trafficking Program Oakland

The Anti-Trafficking Program at IRC Oakland serves foreign-born survivors of sex and labor trafficking as well as other crimes (U and T Visa applicants*) through intensive case management and outreach. IRC personnel provide trauma-informed and survivor-centered case management services, which includes assisting clients in obtaining legal immigration status, navigating health and employment services, and securing housing, food, and other basic needs. They also assist in making referrals for physical and mental health services, creating safety plans, and referring to education and employment services. Anti-Trafficking staff also conduct training and outreach to the community to raise awareness of human trafficking and inform the community of services available to survivors.

*Due to grant restrictions, program eligibility requires submission of a U Visa (receipt) and/or willingness to apply for a T Visa (signed statement).

Know the signs of trafficking:

  • Not free to go as they please
  • Owes a large debt & unable to pay it off
  • Has high security measures at work and/ or living site
  • Recruited through false promises about nature & conditions of work
  • Working in the sex industry & has a manager/pimp
  • Working excessively long hours
  • Sleeping in the same place where they work
  • Under 18 and exchanging sex for money, food, or shelter
  • Not allowed breaks or suffers unusual restrictions at work


Our Services**

Intensive Case Management ∙ Enrollment in Public Benefits ∙ Safety PlanniKayla.Ladd [at] Rescue.org (ng ∙ Interpretation and T)ranslation ∙ Assistance with Meeting Basic Needs ∙ Assistance Locating Shelters and Housing ∙ Assistance in Obtaining Identification and Social Security Cards ∙ Assistance with Immigration and Other Legal Referrals ∙ Referrals for Medical, Dental, and Counseling Services ∙ Referrals to English as a Second Language Courses ∙ Connection to Job Training, Employment, and Career Development Services ∙ Advocacy with Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

The Anti-Trafficking program in Oakland has been supporting foreign-born survivors of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and other crimes, including domestic violence, since 2015. Anti-Trafficking Caseworkers provide trauma-informed, in-language case management to survivors and assist clients in applying for benefits, accessing legal assistance, enrolling in education programming, reunifying with family members, and other forms of assistance depending on the needs and goals of each client. Anti-Trafficking staff also provide direct training and outreach to community members, NGOs, and governmental agencies to increase awareness of trafficking and resources available to survivors. To access program services or to request a training, please reach out to Victoria Richey, Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, at victoria.richey [at] rescue.org