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Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of refugees in your area? Do you believe in the power of community support for successful integration? Join a community group to collaborate with IRC Seattle to help refugee families resettle into their new home. 

What is a Community Sponsorship?

Community Sponsorship is defined as an umbrella term that describes different models of resettlement, whereby certain program beneficiaries are paired with community groups which commit to provide clearly defined and/or financial contributions as well as volunteer services to support the welcome and integration of beneficiaries in a local community. These community groups can take many forms, including local clubs, university communities, faith-based institutions, community groups, sports teams, book clubs, and many more.


Co-sponsorship is a form of community sponsorship available to groups located within 100 miles of participating local IRC offices. These groups provide clearly defined financial and in-kind contributions as well as services for a refugee family, while their efforts are overseen by the local IRC office.

Your Impact as a Co-Sponsor

 As a co-sponsor, your responsibilities will encompass a range of vital tasks that directly impact the well-being of the sponsored family. Working alongside the IRC Seattle office, your efforts will be instrumental in helping the family establish themselves in their new community and navigate the challenges of their resettlement journey.

Group of volunteers sharing Congolese meal with Congolese family
Volunteers and Congolese family sharing a meal together
Photo: AOberstadt Boise 001


Key Services You Can Provide Include:


Who Qualifies to be Co-sponsors?


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