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Bridge the Digital Divide - Donate a Computer Today

Refugee youth need computers for online classes, homework, and other learning opportunities. Photo: Colette Roark, Make Your Memory Photography

Help bridge the digital divide by donating a laptop to a newly arrived refugee family! 

These laptops will go directly to a refugee family who has arrived in the US within the past six months.  These families are currently without computer access, and your generous donation will help enable them to access employment and educational opportunities. 

Donating is simple and risk-free!

  • Simply drop off any computer(s), desktop(s), laptop(s), Chromebook(s), netbook(s), iPads, headphones and charger(s) at the IRC office during a scheduled drop-off time. To keep you and their employees safe, the IRC has developed a curbside, contactless delivery process for drop-off. 
  • The IRC will wipe your hard drive.
  • The computer will be distributed to a refugee in need. Your donation will change the trajectory of that refugee’s journey!
Refugee adults need computers to search for jobs and connect to their families.

Types of Computers Accepted

  • The IRC will accept any working computers, Chromebooks, netbooks, and chargers.
  • Computers will receive a secure hard-drive wipe so that no personal information will be left

What don’t you accept?

  • The only items we do not accept at this time are CRT Monitors & used inkjet printers. CRT monitors are large and many families do not have a computer desk.  Inkjet printers can be problematic due to the cost of ink, and it is often less expensive to purchase a new printer that comes with ink.

Contact us!

Looking to donate? Contact Stephanie.Neely [at] Rescue.org (subject: Computer%20Donation, body: Hello!%0A%0AI%20have%20a%20computer%20to%20donate.%20)