Pitch a tent. Roast Marshmallows. Watch the moon rise and maybe check out a favorite movie.

Kira Graf, her husband Roderick and their four young sons love to camp out.  This year, instead of the wild woods, they will be camping in their own front yard.  The Grafs are one of the families participating in the International Rescue Committee's Camp Out for Refugees, which has taken place from June 11-20. The event is raising funds to help local refugee families.

"We plan to pitch our tent and roast marshmallows. We'll also build a bonfire and let the kids burn their homework or old papers," says Graf, a Charlottesville resident.  "The kids love to do this; they think it's super-duper fun.
"We like the IRC as an organization and the help they give to local refugees. We're looking forward to Camp Out. It's a nice kickoff for summer. We never needed a kickoff more than this summer."

You are able to participate in the Camp Out even after June 20th.  Find information at www.rescue.org/campout.

- By Elizabeth Howard