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Car donation brightens this holiday season!

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Cars can make such a difference in our day-to-day lives, but for IRC families re-establishing themselves in the U.S. they can be an intimidating financial decision. But with the support of a very generous donor and IRC coordination, a family in Long Island’s holiday season was brightened by a donated car! 

Liber had been waiting for a donated car for over a year. Right before the holidays, Liber received a call he had been anxiously awaiting, letting him know that a donated car was available. Liber was thrilled to receive a car just in time for the holidays! 

Liber with his family's new addition.

Photo: Milagros Cruz/IRC.

Originally from El Salvador, Liber and his family now live in Long Island. A car will ease so many logistical concerns for the family, and empower them to access even more of New York.  

If you would like to donate the life-changing gift of a vehicle, please contact Milagros Cruz at Milagros.Cruz [at] rescue.org