As thousands seek refuge and a better life in the United States every year, it is imperative to support these new community members' health needs. Colorado Access, a local, nonprofit health care company that has been serving Coloradoans for over 25 years, is passionate about this endeavor. Their mission is to partner with communities and empower people through access to quality, equitable, and affordable care. Thus, Colorado Access is proud to support refugee communities and connect them with the healthcare services they need to thrive and has enthusiastically supported the work of the IRC in Denver for many years. 

" It's no secret that refugees encounter a myriad of challenges when they first arrive spanning housing, employment, and education. But our hope is that finding care is not one of them."

says Casey Thomas, Manager of Community Investments at Colorado Access.

"That’s why we have been excited to support the IRC’s creation of the health navigator role. This critical role assists refugees in navigating the intricacies of the Medicaid system, ensuring they have access to essential health care services. By alleviating the bureaucratic hurdles associated with health care enrollment, the health navigator enables refugees to focus on rebuilding their lives and integrating into their new communities seamlessly."

Colorado Access has also work closely with the IRC in Denver to support health education programs for the refugee community. These programs provides crucial education and support, giving refugees the tools they need to find services independently.  In the months since the partnership began, this support has been shown to minimize the barriers to care that newcomers often face.

"As Colorado continues to welcome refugees from diverse backgrounds and cultures, our commitment to supporting organizations like the IRC in Denver remains steadfast."

states Casey.

"We look forward to continuing to work together in solidarity, compassion, and partnership to build inclusive communities where all individuals, regardless of their background, can thrive and contribute to society's rich tapestry. We continue to strive towards a Colorado in which the rights and dignity of refugees are a given; and compassion, equity, and social justice are prioritized."

The IRC in Denver thanks Colorado Access for their unwavering commitment to their mission, and is excited to welcome them as their exclusive event sponsor to WELCOME HOME 2024 on May 16th at the space Gallery. Tickets on sale here.

Learn more about Colorado Access here!