What is Community Sponsorship? 

Community sponsorship is an umbrella term that describes different models of resettlement whereby certain program beneficiaries are paired with community groups which commit to provide clearly defined in-kind and/or financial contributions as well as volunteer services to support the welcome and integration of beneficiaries in a local community. These community groups can take many forms including local clubs, university communities, faith- based institutions, or community groups, sports teams, book clubs, and many more. 


What is a Community Sponsor? 

A community group that has accepted, in a non-legally binding written agreement with our local IRC Dallas office, the responsibility to provide, or ensure the provision of, the majority or all reception and placement services in partnership with the IRC Dallas office. Co-sponsors are overseen by IRC Dallas. 


How do you become a Community Sponsor? 

A community group, the average size being 6-10 individuals… 

1. Submits a background check for each member. 

2. Nominates a group leader or leaders who will communicate primarily with the IRC. 

3. The group leader or leaders sign a Co-sponsorship agreement detailing the roles and responsibilities of the group and IRC in the resettlement of a family. 

4. Each group must provide a financial contribution to be utilized for housing needs (or other large expenses). In-kind donation substitution can be utilized to meet the financial contribution requirement (i.e., free housing). 

5. Six months is the general time commitment required of community groups.  


What can you expect during the process? 

The Community Sponsorship Coordinator will hold weekly meetings with the community group leader or leaders. These meetings will provide support, training, guidance and address any challenges the Dallas community group may be facing.  

The IRC in Dallas maintains all case file documentation, but the community group provides the documents and notes.  It is the community group’s responsibility to review all mandatory forms with the Community Sponsorship Coordinator. 


To learn more about Community Sponsorship with the IRC Dallas office, please contact Marissa Reyes-Skindziel, Community Sponsorship Coordinator, at [email protected].