Community Sponsorship offers an exciting opportunity for a group of community members to support resettlement efforts and to engage in deeply impactful work with one of our family cases. Following the higher volume of arrivals experienced recently and an increase in community attention toward assisting refugees, the IRC in Oakland is seeking volunteer groups who are interested in becoming Co-Sponsors. 

Community Sponsorship and Co-Sponsorship Defined

Community Sponsorship is a broad term that refers to the pairing of refugees with groups of individuals who commit to providing clearly defined financial and in-kind contributions and volunteer services to support refugees in their welcome and integration.

Co-Sponsorship is the model of Community Sponsorship at IRC in Oakland, which is where a community group signs a written agreement with a refugee Resettlement Agency (RA) and agrees to provide most of the reception and placement services to a refugee family case. The role of IRC as the RA is to oversee these activities, provide training and support to the team, and to ensure that all services are performed in the timeline that is set out in our agency's Cooperative Agreement with the Department of State/PRM.

To learn more about Co-Sponsorship with IRC-Oakland, please contact Elgiva Wood, Community Sponsorship Manager, at: [email protected]