Earlier this month, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art and form & concept announced their Flags of Resilience project that features commissioned work by local and internationally-known artists.

The project, which is a response to the ongoing global pandemic and America's longstanding struggles with systemic racism and police brutality, invites artists to create limited edition 3x5 foot flags addressing global topics ranging from isolation and community to family, fear and hope. 

This year's artists are Denver-based muralists Pedro Barrios and Jaime Molina—also known as The Worst Crew—selected the IRC in Denver as the benefactor of the sale of their commissioned flag

“The charity we are choosing to support is the International Rescue Committee. This organization is special to us specifically because of the work they do to help refugees and immigrants. This hits close to home with Pedro since he immigrated from Venezuela to the US in Miami, Florida with his family when he was young.” Wrote Barrios and Molina. 

Pedro Barrios and Jaime Molina's Flags of Resilience design

Barrios and Molin have been collaborating since 2012 and have completed numerous public works projects throughout the Denver Metro area and together founded The Worst Crew, a joint business partnership specializing in public arts projects known for their bright palette and stylized figures. For their flag’s design, the duo underscores “the potential to have a massive collective shift.” They write:

“The shutdown exposed many things that have been broken and ignored in our society. Our original concept came from this opportunity of regrowth. It was in many ways like the replanting of a garden that had become overwrought with weeds and choking vines. When you get the opportunity to start over, what kinds of seeds would you plant? In this moment of collective pause, we can control what will be cultivated. These symbols of growth intertwined with a human hand were the starting point.”

You can learn more about the project and purchase your flag here.