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English language instruction for refugees

One of the IRC’s goals in resettling refugees is to ensure that youth and adults have high levels of livelihood, literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills. To that end, volunteers in NJ are currently facilitating English language instruction for refugees resettled in the Elizabeth area. There are several classes offered, including pre-beginner for those with little or no literacy in their own languages, as well as beginner and intermediate levels. Six volunteer instructors and three support volunteers are currently working to provide seven morning and two evening sessions per week. Students are engaged and excited to expand their English language skills.

Volunteer, Ginan, listens to her students during ESL class. Photo: IRC

The experience is not only enriching for the newly resettled refugees but also for the volunteers. Ginan Rauf, Volunteer ESL Instructor, says, “I am in awe of my students. I cannot imagine what most of them must have gone through. Yet, they manage to show up for class on a regular basis and are always eager to learn. Some of them are mothers and bring their children to class. The children are quiet and disciplined and sit through the entire class without causing any disruption. I am in awe of these mothers who are so determined to learn English and who have done such a fine job raising their children under very difficult circumstances. My students fill the room with grace, intelligence, and kindness. I am humbled by their resilience and will do everything in my power to empower them to adjust to their new lives in America. I am learning so much from them about new beginnings. And I am inspired.”

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