ENS Labs is proud to be working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in support of their humanitarian efforts in Gaza. The partnership represents a significant step in leveraging blockchain technology for social good and marks the second collaboration between the two organizations. This community fundraiser will enable the IRC to reach and be accessible to new audiences and inspire support for the IRC’s humanitarian mission from a digitally connected community.

Supporting the IRC by donating cryptocurrency through ENS removes the need for complex wallet addresses, ensuring that help reaches those who need it most in Gaza. ENS has additionally enabled the name “irc.eth” to make an impact and simplify the donation process for crypto natives globally, especially at times of crisis.

“The IRC is doing vital work for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I'm proud that ENS is able to support them in helping alleviate suffering at this crucial time, and demonstrate that ENS's positive impact can extend beyond the sphere of crypto infrastructure" said Nick Johnson, Founder of ENS.

Additionally, in collaboration with Endaoment, crypto donations to the IRC are now achievable with lowered fees, enabling the IRC to receive donations via chains, such as Optimism and Base. Traditional assets like stock, crypto and cash are also accepted via Endaoment and are tax deductible, meaning that donors from every financial background can contribute.

“Were happy to see the IRC leveraging onchain technologies for fundraising efforts to help families in need in Gaza. Through the mixture of simple donations via ENS names, and tax deductible gifts across multiple chains via Endaoment, the IRC is demonstrating for nonprofits around the globe how to engage with internet-native donors in more direct ways. We’re honored to help facilitate critical aid at this difficult time,” said Robbie Heeger, President and CEO at Endaoment. 

To support this fundraiser, you can send donations to irc.eth or via Endaoment and Every.org 

*Please note that crypto donations made directly via irc.eth are not tax-deductible. To secure a tax-deductible crypto donation, please email [email protected]

**The IRC protects itself from crypto volatility by engaging with partners (endaoment.org & every.org) who accept crypto on its behalf, settling cryptocurrency into FIAT currency which is then provided to the IRC in a compliant manner. The IRC currently does not directly accept cryptocurrency via its website and owned channels.