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Farmers Market

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From July through October, the IRC in NY's New Roots Community Farm hosted a weekly Farmers Market! Fresh vegetables and fruits, traditional recipes, sunflowers, hot sauce, and honey were all offered to the local south Bronx community. In addition, those who visited the market had the opportunity to escape the concrete jungle and explore the lush ½ acre farm. 

Every Tuesday afternoon at the Farmers Market, neighborhood residents had a chance to buy the freshest vegetables in the Bronx (harvested at the farm that same morning). The fresh harvest was also transformed into delicious taste sensations by chefs from Burma, Central African Republic, Tibet, and Afghanistan.  The quality produce and delicious recipes created a new neighborhood meeting spot.

This market added an additional attraction to the farm, drew in repeat customers and embraced the diversity of the Bronx, making it a space loved and frequented by all. The farmers market will reopen in July, so remember to stop by!

people gathered around the NRCF's Farmer's market
Farmers Market hosted by the New Roots Community Farm. Photo: IRC