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Former refugee lends skills to promote the Soft Landing Fund

The IRC in Northern California recently completed a graphic design project with Catchafire volunteer, Soryi Am. Catchafire matches skilled professional volunteers with nonprofits to help them increase their capacity and achieve their missions. Soryi was drawn to the project, for the IRC's Soft Landing Fund, posted on the platform because she herself was a Thai-born Cambodian Refugee.

Soryi Am - freelance graphic designer based out of New York City - volunteered for the IRC in Northern California through Catchafire

Soryi's family fled Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge. When she was five her family was granted refugee status and emigrated to New Zealand in 1989 with the UNHCR. With the assistance of local government and a NGO, her family found help with housing, finances, and schooling. She eventually gained New Zealand and Australian citizenship and was the first member of her family to attend university where she earned a degree in communication design.

Soryi said, "Education, kindness and hard work has always been an important foundation for my family. I joined Catchafire with the purpose of helping causes that I am passionate about in my spare time...IRC was one of the first non-profits I signed-up to help."

We are so grateful for Soryi's work on our Soft Landing Fund materials and even more thankful that her family benefitted from refugee services that allowed her to survive and thrive. To view Soryi's work and learn more about the Soft Landing Fund, see below and click here.