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Healthcare Admin Training in the HAPI program

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The IRC in NY Economic Empowerment Unit launched the Healthcare Admin Professionals Initiative (HAPI) program. HAPI was born from the mission to assist unemployed and underemployed healthcare admin practitioners in New York in upskilling and securing better job opportunities. Many clients find it difficult to reintegrate back into the healthcare sector in the US, despite holding relevant degrees or backgrounds. That is where HAPI comes in!   

HAPI runs on a creative model carefully adapted to the new labor market trends in the US.

IRC identifies the goals and needs of clients and recognizes that those gaps are intertwined, such as financial difficulty, digital literacy, and mental health. With that in mind, HAPI provides bridge training, Electronic Health Record EHR Didactic Training, and Professional Development/Job Placement. As a hybrid training program, it leverages expertise from our Consortium of Worker Education (CWE) training partners. These resources equip participants, from diverse backgrounds, with medical knowledge and professional skills.  

HAPI also puts mental health at the center of its wraparound services. Our clients’ favorite element of the program has been EMR training and office hours. Post completion, clients are enrolled in weekly electronic health review (EHR) study sessions and one-on-one meetings to discuss job application status and interview prep. HAPI strives to provide ongoing opportunities for clients and continues to regularly check in with clients.   

HAPI strives to provide wraparound services, featuring industry-aligned training, professional development, and direct client support. The Economic Empowerment Unit is happy to hear that HAPI cohort 1 participants feel ready for the healthcare administrative industry.

In a survey, one client shares: “EHR training has helped me thrive in my current job.”

This client secured placement as a Medical Office Secretary. Clients are able to leverage their past formal and informal experiences across various industries, some even have a background in community outreach. Their input makes for dynamic workshops and a collaborative community.   

As clients learn in the program, so does the HAPI team! The program will head into its second cohort cycle during the fall of 2021. From fine-tuning the training curriculum to adjusting client services, HAPI strives to make career training impactful and sustainable.