Two women having a seated discussion about employment.

IRC is excited to celebrate one year of providing essential services to new refugees now calling Iowa home. Over the past year, we have resettled 215 refugees from 7 countries. 70 refugees have worked with our Financial Coach to set budgets, learn about banking, and access low to no cost loans. 45 refugees have started their first job in the US, with more to begin in the next several weeks.  

IRC Iowa launched the Ready for Work fundraiser to provide additional support to refugees in our Economic Empowerment program. Economic Empowerment assists refugees in their initial job searches, provides job readiness training, as well as overall support to establish economic well-being. Often, when refugees first arrive, they have few resources and might have to rely on public transpiration to get to work, and they might struggle to buy required items such as non-slip shoes to keep them safe. Money raised will be used to purchase bus passes to get to work, lunch boxes, thermoses, uniforms, tools, specialized footwear required for their new position, or related items. With your help, we hope to raise $5,000 to better support new refugees as they take their first steps toward self-sufficiency. 

To donate before August 6th, simply click here and it will prompt you to enter your payment information. If you would prefer to send a check, you can write the check to “International Rescue Committee, with “Ready for Work” in the subject line. The check can be mailed to:  

International Rescue Committee 

Attn: Hayley Rauzi 

108 3rd St, Suite 200 

Des Moines, IA 50309 

Thank you for helping us serve new refugees as they prepare to call Iowa home!