HERO stands for Health, Empathy, Respect, and Originality.

It was the guiding chant that echoed in the online classrooms during this year’s IRC in NY NYSA program! The Education & Learning Unit is pleased to share that the 2021 NYSA program was a success! Despite the obstacle of hybrid learning, the IRC in NY took lessons from 2020 to make this year’s 2021 program more adaptable and fun for students!   

That means ensuring that school readiness assets were in place for our students, including a rigorous curriculum, academic assessments, community events, integrated social-emotional support, and arts education taught by our partner Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP). This curriculum is designed to support students in an inclusive, community-driven classroom.    

This year, NYSA students brought their personalities to the classrooms, despite the obstacle of hybrid learning. The IRC in NY chats with two students to learn about their experience at NYSA... 

One upper school student, an aspiring graphic artist, expressed how NYSA was a great summer program to meet new friends and learn about American history. In particular, he enjoyed social studies, art, and the class trip to the Ferry!   

We also checked in with our little newcomer! He enthusiastically shared how the field trips to the park and zoo were his top favorites! He enjoyed hanging out with the dogs and playing games with his friend. He now helps his cousin and family with their English and has been one of NYSA’s energetic student Heroes!  

Two peer mentors and two lower school students smiling and posing with a peace sign. All four are wearing masks. The peer mentors wear a black rescue t-shirt and the two lower school students wear a yellow shirt with the IRC logo.
Lower school students enjoying their NYSA field trip in NYC!
Photo: Education & Learning Unit. IRC in NY

Click here to view the 2021 NYSA report.

NYSA bridges social-emotional learning, creative education, and culturally responsive support to each classroom. IRC in NY is pleased that it continues to foster new connections and help students gain confidence while preparing for the academic school year to come. We wish our NYSA students continued success for the school year!