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Host a DIY Fundraiser for Refugees in Kansas!

DIY Fundraising is an easy way to get involved with the IRC while supporting refugees right here in Kansas. By organizing a DIY Fundraiser, you are helping spread awareness about refugees while providing critical funding necessary to build firm foundations upon which refugee families can strive to regain control of their future.

DIY fundraising events are your opportunity to be creative! Gather your neighbors, church group, book club, softball team, yoga class or any group of community members passionate about serving refugees to spend some time learning and supporting the work of the IRC. You can request a member of our speaker’s bureau to come and share about our work at your event. Get started by creating a page on GoFundMe Charity to start collecting donations for your fundraiser. 

You can host:

  • A casual buffet or an elaborate sit-down dinner
  • A pizza party
  • A gift fair
  • An art show, or...

You can put on:

  • A fashion show
  • A comedy night or play
  • A concert
  • An art exhibit, or...

You can hold:

  • A stoop, garage or yard sale
  • A race or sporting event
  • A holiday fundraising campaign
  • A bake sale or plant sale

Here are a few examples of past events community members have organized:

  • A volunteer hosted her birthday party in the name of the IRC and raised funds from family and friends. 
  • An event planner with musician friends organized a mini-concert in their back yard, inviting neighbors and friends. 
  • A young girl, with the help of her mom, baked 100-dozen cookies, raising funds to sponsor a family during our annual holiday gift drive, Winter Welcome.
  • Children grew seedlings and sold them around their neighborhood.
  • And the list goes on!

All proceeds raised stay local, where the money goes directly to assisting refugees and programs supporting their efforts to thrive in our community. By raising funds for the IRC in Kansas, you can serve refugees from around the world as they journey from harm to home. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I collect the funds and get them to your office?

The easiest way to collect funds is to create a GoFundMe Charity page. For example, if you are hosting an event, in lieu of “purchasing” tickets beforehand, attendees can make direct donations to your fundraising page. Start here. 

How do I request a speaker for my event?

We have staff members and former clients who are usually willing to share about the work of the IRC or their life. Kansas [at] Rescue.org (subject: Event%20Speaker) (Request a speaker today!)

Do you have any recommendations for caterers for my event?

Yes! We have a list of immigrant owned restraunts that we are always happy to share!

Additional Questions? Contact us at Kansas [at] Rescue.org.