Thank you so very much to Make Your Life Sweeter CEO, Yasmeen Tadia, for bringing her HotPoppin team to deliver gourmet fresh popcorn to our newly arrived refugee families attending Cultural Orientation. New families from Syria and Iran and everyone else in the Dallas office had a great time trying out the Candied Jalapeno, Better than Chicago, and Buffalo Hot Wing & Ranch popcorn.

Make Your Life Sweeter, HotPoppin, Yasmeen Tadia
The Make Your Life Sweeter team came out to surprise refugees with a HotPoppin treat
Photo: Michele Villarreal

Popcorn is a universal and welcomed to treat for cultures all over the world. Chocolate may be the world’s dessert, but for refugees who have had to live for a certain time in a refugee camp, chocolate may be less familiar.. However, corn is fairly cheap and accessible and if you have corn, you can make popcorn! HotPoppin’s range of flavors allowed these refugee families to try a variety of American flavors while staying true to their own pallets.

The IRC in Dallas is very pleased to have formed this relationship with Yasmeen and her team. The families had a great time learning about their new life in America while attending Monday’s Cultural Orientation and ending the day with a nice HotPoppin treat made it all the more exciting.