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How to intern in Atlanta

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Thank you for your interest in the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta’s Internship Program. Our interns come from schools across the nation and world and make vital contributions to the IRC in Atlanta’s work. In turn, the IRC in Atlanta provides an essential learning experience that serves as a foundation for interns to gain real-life experience and attain proficient skills in various fields. Our internships require a commitment of at least 15 hours a week for three months and are unpaid. You can see our available internship opportunities below.

To Apply:

To apply for an internship, each candidate must send a resume with a cover letter to the Volunteer Coordinator at VolunteerATL [at] rescue.org. Please indicate your preferred internship position (as well as up to two alternates) and your regular, weekly availability for an interview.  Interviews are held at our office, and out-of-state applicants will need to inform us to coordinate an alternate interview.

Internships here are organized in semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer (please note, it is certainly possible to serve as an intern for more than one semeseter). The deadline to apply varies by semester, so please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for specifics. It is also important that if your school or internship program/sponsor has specific deadlines that you include those.  We can be flexible with our application process, but we will have to know in advance if you need an early acceptance notification.

Following the interviews and to protect our clients, the IRC requires all selected applicants to complete background checks. We will ask that you make a $51 donation to help us cover the associated costs. Currently, 92% of our funding goes directly to programming to support our clients, and your help to cover this cost will ensure that no funding is directed away from serving our clients.

Thank you, in advance, for sending all four needed items (see the Application Checklist below) in a single email.

 Application Checklist

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • List of Internship Preferences
  • Interview Availability


Available internship positions (by department):


Resettlement Services Internship

  • The Resettlement Services Program is the first point of contact for newly arrived refugees and offers support, guidance and counseling though all stages of resettlement. Case managers provide initial services to orient refugees to life in the U.S., including (but not limited to) securing housing, addressing medical concerns, registering children in school, applying for Social Security and Georgia ID cards, and linking refugees to our internal and mainstream services. Case managers also offer counseling in home-budgeting, crisis intervention, family counseling and other areas of social adjustment. Employment is an essential element in helping refugees become economically self-sufficient.  Job Developers work closely with Case Managers as part of the Resettlement Services team to support all aspects of clients' employment.  This position requires a minimum of 15 hours a week for a total of at least 120 hours.

Logistics Internship

  • The Logistics interns will work closely with the Logistic Specialist to coordinate transportation and interpreters to assist newly arrived refugee families to attend core services and other appointments such as doctor visits and social services. The Logistics Intern will also assist with orienting clients to MARTA and assisting Specialist with organizing data pertaining to arrivals.


Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness/Logistics Internship

  • This internship assists Health and Wellness Department staff in contacting clients for physical and mental health appointments, transporting clients to and/or from doctor appointments, learning about barriers to healthcare for the refugee population, locating relevant resources in the community, direct services support in the Intensive Case Management program, and more.


Education and Learning

English as a Second Language Instruction Internship

  • The ESL Education Intern assists newly arrived refugee clients gain English literacy comprehension and literacy skills so that they can become self-sufficient and thrive in their new community.  ESL instruction is focused on developing literacy, comprehension, and confidence for dealing with real world survival situations such as shopping, housing issues, public transportation, employment, and other daily living skills. This requires an intern to work in multi-level, multi-language, and culturally diverse ESL classrooms.

First Things First Women's Literacy Internship

  • The Women’s Literacy Intern assists in an innovative program that provides intensive beginning English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to refugee women, while childcare is provided for their children under the age of five. As many of these women have had little or no classroom experience, they are often pre-literate even in their own language. ESL topics are tailored to the specific survival needs of newly arrived women and their families including financial literacy, housing issues, and employment skills. This requires an intern to work in multi-level, multi-language, and culturally diverse ESL classrooms.

English Literacy and Civics Education Internship

  • The English Literacy and Civics Education Intern assists refugee and immigrant clients in gaining the English, literacy, and civics skills necessary to become active participants in their communities. Curriculum is focused on developing vocabulary and communication skills for navigating governmental, educational, financial, healthcare, and other American institutions. In addition, supplementary materials help develop the vocabulary and communication skills needed for the citizenship exam.

Youth Futures Internship

  • During summer break, the youth program offers a summer camp and internship program for high school students in the months of June and July. These programs focus on college readiness and prepare students for the college application process. The Youth Futures Summer Interns are responsible for assisting the Camp Counselors and Site Coordinators in developing and implementing learning activities and lesson plans for 20 refugee teens. Throughout the summer program, interns serve as mentors and models of leadership, providing guidance and instruction for the youth.

New Roots Internship

  • The New Roots program intern reports directly to the New Roots Program Coordinator and supports efforts under IRC’s New Roots program. New Roots focuses on bringing refugees together to build connections with their new homes through nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and community gardening. The New Roots intern will provide support for our Youth Food Justice and Adult Education programs. The Youth Food Justice program includes a youth internship program at Clarkston High School, a garden club, and classes on nutrition and healthy eating. The New Roots intern will also support adult education initiatives around healthy eating, food access, and community gardening.


Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment Internship

  • The Economic Empowerment intern works with the IRC in Atlanta’s Employment Specialists to find employment for every eligible adult client. Stable employment is a vital step in the resettlement process.

TANF Employment Services Internship

  • This intern works with the IRC in Atlanta's support program for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) participants, assisting single-parent households in applying for benefits, language instruction, and securing employment.

Career Development Internship

  • The Career Development intern reports directly to the Career Development Coordinator and supports efforts under IRC’s Career Development program.  Career Development, a program within the Economic Empowerment Department, focuses on assisting clients to advance beyond entry-level jobs and to resume their professional careers after resettlement.  Specifically, the Career Development program provides career counseling, enrollment in post-secondary and recertification programs, and advanced job placement


Community Integration

Immigration Assistant Internship

  • The Immigration Administration Intern provides administrative to Immigration Services staff in filing immigration applications, which will allow refugees and newly approved asylees to travel, become permanent residents and then citizens of the United States.

Immigration Caseworker Assistant Internship

  • Immigration Caseworker Assistant Intern conducts comprehensive intake and needs assessment for immigration clients, and assists them in completing applications for various immigration benefits.


Resource Development

Fundraising Internship

  • This internship is located within the Resource Development Department, whose purpose is to establish strong, mutually-beneficial connections between the community and the IRC in Atlanta order to garner monetary, in-kind and volunteer resources for refugee clients. The Fundraising Intern will work closely with the Development Coordinator towards these goals in order to enhance the IRC in Atlanta’s ability to meet refugee client needs.

Public Relations Internship

  • The Public Relations Intern will work with the Communications Coordinator to establish connections with the community and promote the IRC.

Volunteer Coordination Internship

  • The Volunteer Coordination Intern will maintain communication with volunteers and help organize events.

Donations Internship

  • The Donations Intern will work with the Resource Development team to build relationships with donors, as well as manage in-kind donations in the Resettlement Shop.


Finance and Administration

Accounting Internship

  • The Accounting Interns will work closely with the Finance and Administration team to assist in essential accounting functions related to accounts payable/receivable, administration duties and file maintenance.


Have questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at VolunteerATL [at] Rescue.org (subject: Internship%20question) .