With support from the Bezos Family Foundation, the International Rescue Committee is participating in the Students Rebuild intiative - a program of the foundation that challenges young people around the world to tackle the globe's most critical problems. The latest iteration of the initiative is the 2022 "World Needs Challenge". This challenge provides students and educators around the globe the opprotunity to use their art and activism to design posters that amplify messages about world issues that matter most to them.  

As one of many other organizations partnering with the Students Rebuild initiative, student efforts through the World Needs Challenge will support the IRC's education programs in Bangladesh. The Bezos Family Foundation will make a $5 donation for each project created and shared with Students Rebuild — up to $2,500,000— to organizations addressing global issues including the IRC. Specifically these funds will help support pop-up learning programs, educational experiences, and curriculum development in order to reach 800 children in Bangladesh who are Rohingya refugee children that have fled Myanmar. 

The education project will be implemented through Airbel Impact Lab, the research and innovation arm of the International Rescue Committee. To learn more about the education project in Bangladesh, visit Airbel's website here.