In honor of World Humanitarian Day, ENS Labs is launching a community fundraiser benefiting the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a global non-profit organization that helps people affected by humanitarian crises.  

Now, you can support the IRC by donating cryptocurrency through ENS. By removing the need for complex wallet addresses, ENS has enabled the name "rescueorg.eth" to make an impact and simplify the donation process for crypto natives globally, especially at times of crisis.  “ENS Labs is proud to stand with the IRC and Nansen to honor and contribute to this year’s World Humanitarian Day. Rescueorg.eth represents more than just a digital identity, it represents hope. Now the global Web3 community can stand in solidarity with people in crisis and provide financial support quickly and transparently. This World Humanitarian Day, let’s harness the power of Web3 to help shape a brighter and more compassionate future for all.” said Khori Whittaker, Executive Director of ENS Labs.

Additionally, in collaboration with Nansen, the IRC now has a publicly accessible, real-time dashboard. “Nansen’s collaboration with marks a significant step towards enhancing transparency and impact in the realm of philanthropy. We are enabling real time visibility into on-chain donations that will not only provide visibility into incoming and outgoing transactions but add a new level of accountability to donors and nonprofits alike. By harnessing Nansen's expertise, will be equipped to offer the community a much-needed sense of clarity and authenticity during times of crisis,” said Isaac Zu, Chief of Staff of Nansen. 

To support this year’s World Humanitarian Day efforts, you can send donations to rescueorg.eth. The fundraiser will be active from August 14th through August 19th.  

Rescueorg.eth is active and able to receive cryptocurrencies as of 14th August 2023. 

Real-Time Dashboard: 


*Please note that crypto donations made directly via rescueorg.eth are not tax-deductible. To secure a tax-deductible crypto donation, please email [email protected] 

**The IRC protects itself from crypto volatility by engaging with partners who accept crypto on its behalf, settling cryptocurrency into FIAT currency which is then provided to the IRC in a compliant manner. The IRC currently does not directly accept cryptocurrency via its website  and owned channels.