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The IRC in Florida: A year in review and a renewed sense of hope

Throughout 2020, communities across Florida came together to ensure they remained welcoming to refugees, survivors of human trafficking and immigrant youth. Last year tested our communities in unprecedented ways. Despite these challenges, together we walked alongside our clients, learned from and supported one another as we navigated these times with resilience and grace. We now look forward with a renewed sense of hope and an understanding of the obstacles ahead. 

Our 2020 achievements made possible with the support of individuals across Florida communities, our community partners and our clients: 

  • 18 Survivors of human trafficking were identified and provided with services in Tallahassee
  • 54 Refugees were resettled
  • 38 Youth program mentors recruited 
  • 94 Unaccompanied minors were provided with services 
  • 69 Survivors of human trafficking were identified and provided with services in South Florida
  • 103 Vulnerable immigrant youth were provided with services 

Check out our 2020 Annual Report by clicking on this link!

From our Deputy Director 

As we reflect on 2020 and begin the new year, we find ourselves in profoundly challenging times.  And yet, the resilience, dedication, and compassion that my IRC colleagues have demonstrated in the face of such adversity have filled me with pride and great confidence as we look ahead to 2021 and turn the page to a new, more hopeful chapter.  As we begin the new year, we look forward to ensuring that our clients and neighbors continue to receive the critical services needed to regain stability in their lives. We look forward to more humane asylum policies in the US, and the opportunity to welcome more families to Tallahassee as the US renews its commitment to refugee resettlement. We look forward to strengthening and expanding our critical, life-saving services to survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied children. We look forward to expanding our network of community partners to ensure that our neighbors and community members have access to critical services they need, including economic empowerment and mental health services. 

Reflecting on these exciting challenges and opportunities ahead, I find myself energized, excited. And more than anything, full of hope and renewal of our steadfast commitment to helping our new Florida neighbors regain stability, rebuild their lives and thrive in their new home. 

Let’s make this a different, better year! Together. 

David Oliver 

Deputy Director 

To learn more about the work of the IRC in Florida and for information on how you can get involved with the IRC as a donor or volunteer, please contact Development Manager, JC Torres, at Juan.Torres [at] Rescue.org or 786-325-6257.

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