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IRC launches multilingual vaccine line in partnership with Baltimore City

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When COVID-19 vaccines started to become available earlier this spring, service providers in Baltimore immediately noticed language and technology barriers that made it difficult for limited English proficient (LEP) immigrants to access vaccine appointments.

IRC staff at a mobile clinic in Baltimore.
IRC’s special needs care coordinator David Wantate (left) and vaccine outreach specialist Jaime Marquis at a mobile clinic in Baltimore in May.

As a result, Baltimore City has now set up cell centers for vaccine signup for speakers of all languages, in partnership with the Esperanza Center and the IRC. The IRC in Maryland has a statewide interpretation program offering assistance in over 40 languages. IRC interpreters work with IRC staff to deliver services, and also work with local organizations and companies on a contractual basis. We are excited to work with Baltimore City on this important effort to make vaccines more accessible to all who live and work in Baltimore!

If you or someone you know is interested in more information about how to get a vaccine, please contact us! You can text or call our number at any time: 571-412-1202. We will return your message with an interpreter in your preferred language and schedule an appointment at a time and location that works best for you. We also provide assistance with transportation to vaccine appointments.