Due to COVID-19, the IRC Oakland staff are working remotely.  No visitors are allowed on the 5th floor (Suite 500) until further notice. 

Current IRC clients should contact their caseworkers for questions about individual services or specific cases.   

All group classes are virtual at this time. 


Please use the below contacts for information about the following services: 


Immigration Services:  

Email: [email protected]; Phone #: 707-400-0569 (se habla español) 


Reception & Placement (Resettlement Services): 

Contact: Muna Taqi-Eddin, Reception & Placement Supervisor  

Email:  [email protected]  Phone #: 510-458-0328 


Intensive Case Management; Prevention & Early Intervention:  

Contact: Laila Said, Health & Wellness Coordinator  

Email: [email protected]  Phone #: 510-846-8691 (من دری صحبت میکنم.) 


Early Employment Programs and Credit-building: 

Contact: Emily Plummer, Employment and Asset-building Coordinator 

Email: [email protected] Phone #: 510-859-5858 (se habla español) 


Anti-Trafficking Case Management: 

Contact: Victoria Richey, Anti-Trafficking Program Coordinator 

Email: [email protected] Phone #: 510-910-9180 (se habla español) 


Career Development Program: 

Contact: Anita Kassem-Anver, Career Development Specialist 

Email: [email protected]  
Phone #: 408-234-6542 (Мы говорим по русски,  نتحدث اللغة العربية) 


Financial Coaching and Education: 

Contact: Mitch Margolis, Economic Empowerment Manager  

Email: [email protected] 


Community Engagement: Volunteers/ or Donations

Contact: Aria Brock, Volunteer and Donations Coordinator 

Email: [email protected]


The safety of our clients and staff is our utmost priority.  We thank you for your patience as we work through these unfortunate circumstances.   

Stay healthy,  


The IRC Oakland Team