On September 29th, the Biden administration announced the United States will admit 125,000 refugees in fiscal year 2024, from October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024.

We welcome the current administration’s commitment to address the needs of the 110 million people currently displaced worldwide. The IRC in Silver Spring expects to resettle 600 refugees this year, a twenty percent increase from the 500 allocated to IRC in Silver Spring in fiscal year 2023. 

Last year, the IRC in Silver Spring resettled refugees from 26 countries, including Afghanistan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Over 40% were children, who received the support of IRC's youth program which enrolls students in school, equips them with school supplies and uniforms, and connects refugee youth with volunteer tutors and mentors.

Refugees are not the only population served at the IRC in Silver Spring. Over the past year, an additional 1,818 individuals sought financial assistance, job training, and support receiving healthcare. This includes asylees from Cameroon and Togo, humanitarian parolees from Cuba and Haiti, survivors of trafficking, and unaccompanied children from all over the world.

The IRC in Silver Spring is committed to aiding displaced people to rebuild their lives in Maryland. With your support, we can ensure our new neighbors receive a warm welcome.